Monday, April 13, 2009

Bird Photography Weekly - Evening Grosbeaks

I was searching through old photos albums tonight for pictures of my Dad. He is dying and I am putting together a slide show of photos for his memorial service. This is sad, but he is nearly 80 years old and has lived a very healthy life on his own terms. While looking through those old albums, I came across these photos of Evening Grosbeaks, taken during the winter of 1987-88 in Lake Tomahawk, WI. These birds were abundant that winter but sadly, I have not seen one since. I hear that they are still common in some parts of the Northwoods but I am now only a weekend resident there once or twice a month during the winter and they are not coming to my feeders during these visits. Still, I remember how much we enjoyed them that winter in the late 80s. My Dad enjoys birds too. I put up a feeder at his window in the hospice house where is now living and he passes the time watching the chickadees, the goldfinches and the pine siskins that come for the sunflower seeds we offer. He says it is better than watching TV. I think he is right. Find more bird photos at Bird Photography Weekly.