Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birding 9-1-1

Fathers Day weekend in Lake Tomahawk was one bird emergency after another! I discovered these two unfortunate red-eyed vireos laying on the front porch when I got up Friday morning. What happened? How could the same fate have befallen not one but two of these tree-top singers? Was it a case of lost love, like Romeo and Juliet? One flew into the house and the other decided it couldn't live without the other? I don't know but I felt terrible about it and carried them both off to the woods where they could rest in peace together.

Then on Saturday, I'm putzing around in the house while the guys are out fishing and I hear a tell-tale BAM! and knew something had hit a window. Sure enough, a belted kingfisher was sprawled out in the Adirondack chair on the deck...not looking so good. Thankfully in just a short time the bird righted itself and was sitting up. I thought this was a good sign but still wasn't sure what would happen. Would I be on my way to the wildlife rehabilitation center with a brain damaged kingfisher? After taking almost 20 minutes to regain its senses, it was able to fly up to the deck railing. It sat there for just a moment and then flew into a nearby tree where it took another minute to rest before heading off across the lake. A happy ending.

I hope this weekend at the lake provides only live bird watching opportunities!

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