Friday, February 27, 2009

Owl Cam

It's not every day you can peek inside the nest of a Great Horned Owl and watch the chicks growing on an hourly basis. Oh wait, yes it is! Wisconsin's own WE Energies provides a web cam photograph of the goings on inside an owl nest and several Peregrine Falcon nests at their various power plant facilities around the southeastern Wisconsin area. This adult was captured catching a nap up close to the camera lens. The nest appears to have three young owls. Most of the time they look like a fuzzy white pile of dryer lint but they will mature quickly.This is a Peregrine Falcon at the Pleasant Prairie location.


  1. those are sure some neat pictures!

  2. How cool it is to see a Great Horned Owl up close and watch them raise chicks too! Do you have the link to these cams cus I couldn't find it. I found the Peregrine one but not the Great Horned Owl.

    Thanks for sharing this cool post.