Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Stages of Song Sparrows

The Song Sparrow seemed to be my "bird of the week" last week. First, a colleague mentioned that she had a nest in her holly bush with some just-hatched chicks in it. She invited me over to take a look - and a photo. I couldn't tell what they were just by looking at these blind and naked little bodies with gaping mouths but within a few minutes a chirping adult Song Sparrow could be seen perched nearby and then coming and going from the bush. At home I consulted my book on nests, hatchlings, etc. and this nest type seemed to fit the bill for Song Sparrows. This weekend while walking down the driveway a lot of chirping from a tree caught my attention and I spied this juvenile Song Sparrow at the edge of our swamp. This must be a favorite spot for them since I see them here every summer. A little farther down the road, I saw this adult sitting on a branch and realized I had come full circle with this bird. Nest, hatchlings, fledgling, adult. A pretty common little bird but not every week that you see all the stages in their life cycle! Check out more birds and their photographer's stories at Bird Photography Weekly.


  1. How good to see all three stages and to get photos too!

  2. Thank you for showing us a complet life cycle of those sweet little Song Sparrows.

  3. How cool! I find song sparrows fascinating, and they can sing up a storm. It's nice to see the next generation thriving.

  4. Very nice photos of the Song Sparrows Tammy! I really like the first one of the nestlings. Isn't it cool when you find a nest like this and can follow the nestlings progress?

    The fledgling is very cool looking. I don't think I've ever seen one. Like Wren says, they can really sing up a storm and I love their varied songs.

    Thanks for sharing the great pics!